Building ConstructionService Flow

From the proposal of creative concepts to design, solid construction, and meticulous maintenance, we have earned a solid reputation from our clients through consistent business development that leverages our organizational and comprehensive strengths.


We propose a concept and basic policy based on our client’s request by organizing the given conditions for planning, conducting in-depth surveys, and analyzing business plans and other information. We also put ourselves at our clients' standpoint from the start of the project and provide services to maximize profits.

Basic Design

Following the basic policy, we proceed with comprehensive studies by experts and in-depth discussions with the government and other parties to determine the basic elements required for the building, and work on more specific designs.

Implementation Design

We conduct technical studies considering construction aspects and prepare cost estimates and design documents necessary for the actual construction of the building. We also meticulously check the process and quality.

Construction and Work Management

Our construction supervisors and construction managers, who are familiar with the essentials of many construction industries, ensure that high-quality buildings that meet performance requirements are completed safely and on schedule.

Maintenance and Management

We provide support for our clients’ buildings, which are their assets, with consistent maintenance and management.



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