Basic Management Policies of the Company

We have established the following "Corporate Philosophy," "Action Guidelines," and "Five Commitments of Corporate Actions" as the basis for our business activities.
We aim to achieve business development and business stability and to manage our company in a manner that lives up to the trust society places in us while contributing to the creation of social and industrial infrastructures through "reliable craftsmanship."

Corporate Philosophy

We devote ourselves to the realization of a prosperous society through reliable craftsmanship.

Action Guidelines

  • We earn the trust of people.
  • We hone and pass on our art of technique.
  • We challenge ourselves to achieve our dreams.

Five Commitments of Corporate Actions

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    Is the action not in violation of the law?
  • Corporate Ethics
    Is the action not in violation of our corporate philosophy and ethics?
  • Social Common Sense
    Is the action common sense in society?
  • Social Awareness
    Is the action not in violation of social behavior, security, or safety?
  • Self-Questioning
    Is the action right? Ask your heart.