Health and Safety Policy

Based on our respect for human life, we aim to create a comfortable work environment, to conduct our work with the safety and health of all workers as our top priority, and to never cause grievous injury and fatal accidents.

  1. We fully comply with the Labor Standards Act, the Industrial Safety and Health Act, and the "Five Commitments for Safe Work".
  2. We create a work environment that does not overlook unsafe behavior and/or unsafe equipment.
  3. We, through implementation of our Occupational Safety and Health Management System, aim to improve the level of safety and the health management of our workforce.

April 1, 2024
President and Representative Director
Chihiro Wada

Occupational safety and health management system certification in construction

Scope of Certification Certification
Date of
Applied Scope
Head Office
Hokkaido Branch
Tohoku Branch
Kanto 1st Branch
Kanto 2nd Branch
Kanto Construction Branch
Hokushinetsu Branch
Chubu Branch
Kansai Branch
Shikoku Branch
Chugoku Branch
Kyushu Branch
JC108-3 2022.3.25 2025.3.24 Prime contractor's work for pavement civil engineering and building construction of head office and 11 branches (all branches including Kanto Architectural Branch), supervising offices within the branch jurisdiction, construction offices, and workshops (construction offices, sub-branches, paving offices, and other construction sites).
(Excluding construction work at overseas branches and Joint Venture project)

COHSMS Certificate (Japanese Only)