Environmental policy

We continuously improve our environmental protection activities, give much thought to biodiversity and contribute to the realization of the sustainable society that "strikes a balance between environmental protection and economic activities"

  1. We engage in environmentally friendly business activities.
  2. We prevent global warming.
  3. We will work on resource saving and resource recycling.

April 1, 2023
President And Representative Director
Yoshikazu Yoshikawa

Environmental Management System

Acquisition Status:ISO14001:2015(JIS Q 14001:2015)
Applicable Standards:zOrganization: Japan Testing Center for
December 25, 2022

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Name of Organization Registration
Scope of Activities,
Products, and Services
Head Office
Hokkaido Branch
Tohoku Branch
Kanto 1st Branch
Kanto 2nd Branch
Hokushinetsu Branch
Chubu Branch
Kansai Branch
Shikoku Branch
Chugoku Branch
Kyushu Branch
RE0407 2004.12.25 2022.12.25

Design and Construction of Pavements and Civil Engineering Structures
Design and Construction of Pavements and Civil Engineering Structures
Environmental Impact Assessment on Land
Real Estate Transaction Services

RE0407 Certificate of Registration and Appendix (Japanese Only)

Construction Department
(Construction Department and Related Offices)
RE0317 2003.03.31 2018.03.31 2018.10.01 All activities related to building design, construction supervision, and construction
(Construction Department Head Office, Hokkaido Building Construction Office, Tohoku Building Construction Office, Kanto Construction Branch, Central Japan Construction Management Office, Chugoku Building Construction Office, Kyushu Building Construction Office)