Manufacturing and sales business

Nationwide sales of asphalt mixtures and road products, and recycling of construction waste materials

While NIPPO has a nationwide network of asphalt mixture manufacturing bases, we are also actively engaged in the recycling business to bring back aged asphalt and concrete waste as recycled mixtures and roadbed materials. We also offer a wide variety of road materials and repair materials to meet the diverse needs of our customers, contributing to the development of Japan’s infrastructure and the creation of a recycling-oriented society.

Manufacturing and Sales of Asphalt Mixture

Reliable manufacturing that meets the needs of construction sites

We have more than 150 asphalt mixture plants located throughout Japan. Apart from regular asphalt mixture, we swiftly and reliably supply recycled mixture, permeable mixture, drainage mixture, recycled roadbed materials, and other products to meet the needs of road paving sites. We accurately conduct quality inspections of incoming raw materials and quality analyses of manufactured road pavement materials to ensure strict quality control.

  • 京葉合材工場
    Keiyo Mixture Plant
  • 筑波合材工場
    Tsukuba Mixture Plant

Recycling of Asphalt and Concrete Waste Materials

Contributing to the creation of a recycling-oriented society by recycling road and construction waste materials

NIPPO is a pioneer in researching asphalt recycling technology, starting in the early 1970s, and is currently developing a nationwide business to recycle asphalt waste materials generated during pavement rehabilitation projects. As a result, Japan boasts a 98% or higher recycling rate for asphalt chunks. We also accept concrete debris (construction by-products) at our mixture plants, which are then manufactured and sold as recycled aggregates and roadbed materials, contributing to the creation of a recycling-oriented society.

  • アスファルト廃材受け入れ風景
    Asphalt waste being transported
  • 破砕プラント(左)と再生骨材ヤード
    Crushing plant (left) and recycled aggregate yard

Manufacturing and Sales of Road Pavement Materials

Providing road materials that are simple, convenient, and easy to work with

We develop, manufacture, and sell various products related to road paving and repair. NIPPO has developed a diverse lineup of products to meet the needs of road paving and repair sites, particularly REMIPHALT, the first cold mix asphalt developed in Japan.


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