Technical Information

Technical information

Epoxy Injection Resin, Resin Crack Filler QUICKGUARD S

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Adheres to any type of pavement and leaves no visible repair marks


A quick-curing resin-based crack repair material. It can be prepared by simply mixing together the hardener and main agent in the container and can be easily injected through a nozzle created by snipping off the tip of the container.


  1. A road being repaired can be opened up quickly to traffic since the material hardens quickly and cures in a short period of time even when it is injected at low temperatures.
  2. Low viscosity allows for penetration into and the filling of even the smallest cracks.
  3. Excellent elasticity even at low temperatures allows the material to trace the movement of cracks.
  4. Its pale-yellow color with low sheen makes repair marks less visible.
  5. The narrow nozzle (container tip) facilitates deft injection work to be carried out along cracks.


  • Repairs cracks on asphalt pavements, concrete pavements, semi-rigid pavements, and various other types of pavements


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Injecting QUICKGUARD S into cracks
Outer appearance (left: main agent, right: hardener)