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Greetings from the President, Corporate Philosophy, Action Guidelines

Greetings from the President


we will continue our progress while keeping our eyes
"beyond the road,"just as we always have.

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Since the founding of our company in 1934, we have consistently been involved in the development of roads. In our view, the act of developing roads is the task of forming connections across land, helping to carry forward various cultures and civilizations, and considerably expanding the possibilities of people's daily existence. We have pushed forward with our business with that view in mind.

In addition to our core business of pavement and civil engineering, our pillars of business consist of the sale and manufacture of asphalt mixtures, building construction, overseas operations and real estate development. We continue to develop each of those lines of business with a view to the forward development of greater society and the economy. In all of those business lines, with the history and passion that we have cultivated in the area of road development at our backs, we continue our efforts while constantly dreaming up new possibilities and keep on tackling the challenge of developing and implementing new and proprietary technologies. Through this pamphlet, we hope that we can give you some insight into what drives us.

In our capacity as an ente1-prise that fulfills the trust that everyone has placed in us, we at NIPPO will continue our progress from here on out while keeping our eyes "beyond the road."

President And Representative Director

Yoshikazu Yoshikawa

吉川 芳和

Corporate Philosophy

We devote ourselves to the realization of a prosperous society through reliable craftmanship.

Action Policy

  • We earn the trust of people.
  • We hone and pass on our art of technique.
  • We challenge ourselves to achieve our dreams.