About us


NIPPO CORPORATION was established in February 1934 with a capital of 1,000,000 yen, succeeding the business of the road departments of Nippon Oil Co., Ltd. (presently ENEOS Corporation) and Asano Bussan Co., Ltd. and inheriting the employees of the road department of Nippon Oil Co., Ltd. and all machinery and equipment of the road departments of both companies. Subsequently, we expanded our business beyond national borders to China, Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula, and other overseas regions. In July 1940, we established Manchuria Pavement Co., Ltd. in Xinjing (present-day Changchun) as a direct subsidiary, and in October 1942, we established branches in Jingcheng, Taipei, and Beijing. However, as the war ended, we lost the aforementioned overseas assets, and we restarted our business in the domestic market.

After the war, we have worked to improve our internal structure by successively opening branch and sub-branch offices throughout Japan and have played a role in road construction projects associated with the reconstruction of the country. Particularly, the first Five-Year Road Improvement Plan, launched in 1954, provided us with an opportunity to enhance our core business of road paving, civil engineering, and product sales by expanding our network of offices, improving our technical capabilities, and strengthening our sales performance. Since around 1985, we have been expanding our business lines and currently, we are engaged in a wide range of businesses, including construction, real estate development, and environmental and PFI projects. Overseas, we have established offices in USA, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Tanzania.

The following are the major transitions:

Year Event
February 1934 Establishment
October 1949 Registered with the Minister of Construction under the Construction Business Act.
December 1949 Listed our stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
March 1961 Capital participation in Sankyo Machinery & Construction Co., Ltd. (presently NIPPO KENSETSU Co., Ltd.).
August 1968 Changed the end of the fiscal year to once a year (March).
March 1969 Entered the asphalt mixture sales business.
September 1973 Licensed by the Minister of Construction due to the revision of the Construction Business Act.
April 1977 Developed recycling asphalt plants and started the operation of the first recycling asphalt plant in Chiba City.
July 1977 Received an order from the Indonesian government for a road improvement project in Central Java and entered the overseas business.
July 1977 Capital participation in Hasegawa Sports Facilities Co., Ltd.
May 1980 Entered sports-related business.
June 1985 Entered development business and petroleum product sales business.
April 1986 Entered the construction business.
January 1999 Merged with Kinkai Land Development Co.,Ltd.
April 2001 Entered the soil and groundwater purification business.
March 2003 Capital participation in Dai Nippon Construction Co., Ltd.
October 2003 The trade name was changed to NIPPO CORPORATION.
October 2003 Merged with the construction and engineering department of Nippon Oil Engineering Co., Ltd.
December 2004 The Head office department obtained ISO environmental certification.
July 2009 The trade name was changed to NIPPO.
April 2012 The plant engineering business is demerged to JX Engineering Corporation (presently RAIZNEXT Corporation).
June 2018 New head office was completed again.