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We have a proven track record and trustworthy reputation for the best designs and responsible construction.

At NIPPO, we have earned the trust of our clients by establishing an integrated system that covers everything from in-depth and appropriate surveying and conceptualization to design, construction, after-sales service, repair, and maintenance according to our clients' requests, intended use, purpose, as well as the environment and conditions of construction sites.

Since 1983, we have made full-scale efforts in the building construction business, and have handled a wide variety of building construction projects, such as office buildings, medical facilities, factories, residences, condominiums, and resort facilities.

With a nationwide sales network and a group of experts in the architectural field at our core, we will continue to leverage the ties with local communities that we have cultivated over the years to construct the best possible buildings through our perfected work.

Business Field

Commercial Facilities

Creating comfortable environments that facilitate co-prosperity with society.

In the area of commercial facility construction, we have built up a record of performance in a wide range of genres that include large-scale stores, sports facilities and automotive dealerships. Of particular note are service stations under the ENEOS Group, for which we have a considerable construction work record all across Japan. We have leveraged the know-how gained through that work in our design and construction efforts for hydrogen stations in recent years.

ENEOS Hydrogen Station (Kanagawa)

Factories and Warehouses

Providing facilities that match client needs.

We have leveraged the bonds of trust with clients that we have built up in our pavement operations to achieve numerous accomplishments in the building of factories and warehouses, particularly those in manufacturing industries. Our clients have especially praised our construction work on refrigerated and frozen goods warehouses. NIPPO also has an extensive record of performance in design and construction involving improvement and repair work and anti-seismic reinforcement work.

KYB Sagami Plant (Kanagawa)

Public Facilities

Contributing to the realization of a prosperous society that is considerate of the environment and safety.

We have also built on our record of performance considerably in the area of constructing public facilities, including government offices, schools, police stations and other structures in the public sector. NIPPO is also engaged in a PFI business under which we are involved in various forms of construction that include construction work on lodging for public servants and municipal housing, new schools located on US Army bases in Japan, and improvements and repairs on residences and shops.

Kyushu Industrial High School Gymnasium (Fukuoka)

Multiple-Dwelling Complexes

Offering an after-sales service framework that puts our clients at ease.

Through building up our record of performance in work that we have performed for major and local developers, we have gained firm trust in the area of multiple-dwelling complex construction as well. In addition to having a framework capable of accommodating the construction of any type of multiple-dwelling complex, from urban ones to resort-style ones, we also have a framework for handling maintenance, renovations and other similar work perfectly at the ready.

Age-ing Court Biwako Premiere View (Shiga)

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