Building ConstructionArchitectural Department Overview

Year of Business Commencement 1983
Business Activities
  • General Building Construction
  • Factory and Distribution Facility Construction
  • Sports and Leisure Facility Construction
  • Planning, Design, and Construction of Oil, Coal, Gas, and Chemical Plants
  • Soil Contamination Survey Analysis and Remediation
  • Construction Consulting
  • Real Estate Transactions
Architectural Department Location Sumitomo Realty & Development Ueno 2nd Building 2-23-5, Kita-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0014 JAPAN
Locations Head Office Architectural Department, Hokkaido Branch, Tohoku Branch, Hokushinetsu Branch, Kanto Construction Branch, Chubu Branch, Kansai Branch, Shikoku Branch, Chugoku Branch, Kyushu Branch
Registered as a First-Class Architect Office (Tokyo Governor Registration No. 15795) in the head office.
Architectural Department was established in the head office.
Reorganized the Architectural Department into the Architectural Business Department.
Reorganized the Architectural Business Department into the Architectural Department.
Number of Employees 232 in the Architectural Department [As of March, 2022]
Licenses and Permits

First-Class Architect Office
Tokyo Governor Registration No. 15795

Construction Business License
Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism License (Special-29) No. 1790

ISO Certification

ISO9001 Certified in March 2000
No. RQ0690 Design, Construction Supervision and Construction of Buildings
> ISO9001 Certification

ISO14001 Certified in March 2003
No. RE0317 Architectural Department and its supervised workshops
> ISO14001 Certification

Number of Qualified Personnel
First-Class Architect
First-Class Architectural Construction Management Engineer
Total Number of Engineers

[As of March, 2022]



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