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Porous Asphalt Pavement (Drainage Pavement) (PERVIOUS™)

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PERVIOUS effectively reduces tire noise, as well as engine-generated noise from vehicles. When it rains or in a downpour, hydroplaning is greatly reduced if not eliminated and visibility of pavement markings is dramatically improved compared to normal pavement.

Anti Freezing Pavement (RUBBER ROLLED ASPHALT™)

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RUBBER ROLLED ASPHALT is an anti-freezing pavement where special pre-coated synthetic rubber chippings, instead of stone chippings, are spread and intruded into the surface of flexible asphalt pavement.

Speed Control Pavement (SPEEDSAVE™)

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SPEEDSAVE is the road surface on which the smooth sine wave form is formed continuously. It produces a shake by resonance only to the vehicle which exceeds the speed limit, which gives displeasure to the driver and urges the driver to control speed.


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