Technical Information

Technical information

Emulsion-type Solar Heat-Blocking pavement PERFECT COOL A

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Economical, colorization-compatible, and ideal for pavements used by pedestrians


Low-cost solar heat-blocking pavement developed for pedestrians and bicycle paths. It can be colorized to match the surrounding environment as well as used to improve the summer walking environment in park squares, theme parks, and elsewhere.


  1. Inhibiting increases in temperature: NIPPO’s proprietary solar heat-blocking technology inhibits increases in the temperature of the road surface by at least 10°C.
  2. Colorization: Colors can be matched to the surrounding environment and use application.
  3. Low odor: As this constitutes an emulsion type pavement coating, virtually no odor is generated during the application.


  • Parks, squares, theme parks
  • Hiking trails, walking trails, bicycle paths, sidewalks


Nagasaki Prefectural Sports Park Waiwai Pool (Isahaya, Nagasaki)
Emulsion paint-type sola- heat-blocking pavement: Completion photo
Mechanism of the temperature-reduction effect
Temperature-reduction effect (results of lamp irradiation test)
Cross section of solar heat-blocking pavement
Example of application using adjustable broom
Surface finish

Typical Cross Section