Technical Information

Technical information

High Strength Emulsion-type Solar Heat-Blocking pavement PERFECT COOL Ap

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Solar heat-blocking pavement for community roads


This solar heat-blocking pavement has been developed primarily for community roads used by regular passenger cars. It can be easily colorized and is ideal for residential and shopping areas.


  1. Inhibiting increases in temperature: NIPPO’s proprietary solar heat-blocking technology inhibits increases in the temperature of the road surface by at least 10°C.
  2. High strength: An emulsion formula based on high-strength resin.
  3. Low odor: As this constitutes an emulsion type pavement coating, virtually no odor is generated during the application.


  • Community roads on which regular passenger cars are typically driven
  • Sidewalks with vehicular access
  • Park squares
  • Bicycle paths
Application example to shopping street (Toda, Saitama)
Perfect Cool Ap finish
Mechanism for inhibiting increasing temperatures
Locations where Perfect Cool Ap has been applied

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