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Technical information

Solar Heat-blocking Pavement with Elastic Urethane Surface PERFECT COOL U

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Gentle touch solar heat-blocking pavement that inhibit increases in urethane surface temperatures


All-weather urethane elastic solar heat-blocking pavement using a water-based acrylic urethane resin. This “people-friendly pavement” with gentle touch surface inhibits increases in the temperature of the urethane surface.


  1. Improves the thermal environment underfoot.
  2. The solar heat-blocking coating does not impair the functionality of the urethane surface where it is applied.
  3. Can be colorized upon taking the surrounding landscape and uses into account.
  4. The use of water-based paint helps to significantly mitigate odors.


  • Poolside
  • Around playground facilities
  • Kindergartens, daycare yards, and schoolyards
  • Sidewalks, park trails, multipurpose squares, jogging courses, and more


Application example of Perfect Cool U (Tobu Super Pool)
Confirmed to inhibit increases in surface temperatures by approximately 10°C compared to general bright-colored urethane pavement.
This is gentle on the feet and has advanced cushioning properties.
The pavement surface is nonslip even when wet.