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Technical information

Water-retentive Pavement COOL POLYSEAL

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Inhibits increases in road surface temperature with the water-sprinkling effect


Water-retentive pavement is a pavement made by injecting and filling the voids of open-grained asphalt pavement with special cement milk (cool grout) that has a large water-retaining capacity. Utilizing the heat of evaporation when the water retained in the pavement evaporates helps inhibit increases in the temperature of the road surface. Especially ideal for mitigating the heat island effect in urban areas.


  1. Function for inhibiting increases in the temperature: The heat of the evaporation of moisture is used to inhibit increases in the temperature of the road surface.
  2. Comfort: Can improve the road environment in summer.
  3. Water retention: Cool Grout, with its excellent water absorption and water retention properties, maintains the function for inhibiting increases in the temperature.
  4. Applicability: Applicable to all types of roads, from heavy traffic roads to light traffic roads as well as sidewalks and more.


  • Mitigating the heat island effect
  • Improving the walking environment in summer
Fujidana Shopping Street (Yokohama city)
Example of the application of COOL POLYSEAL (Nishi-ku, Yokohama)
Conceptual diagram of the temperature-control effect
Example of application to a park trail
Finished surface
Construction status