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Semi-flexible Pavement (POLYSEAL™)

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POLYSEAL is open-graded asphalt mixture with the air voids of which are filled with cement milk "POLYSEAL GROUT". The combination of open-graded asphalt mixture base and POLYSEAL GROUT forms an excellent pavement combining the properties of flexibility and rigidity.

Dust-free Soil Stabilizer (TEFIXT™)

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"Tefix" is an innovative soil stabilizer developed from dust prevention technology using Teflon resin. Tefix reduces dust dramatically during the soil stabilization process and has the same ease of operation and effectiveness as a conventional stabilizer.

In-place Base Course Recycling with Bitumen (FORMED FRB™)

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FORMED FRB is a construction method which mixes FOAMED ASPHALT made by making asphalt foamy with existing asphalt mix, existing base course materials, and a small amount of cement on the road. It is used as the base course of pavement as reproduction.


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