ConstructionPavement and Civil Engineering

The development of roads that connect people’s hearts.

We engage in road building in various fields, including the construction of infrastructures such as expressways, general roads, and airport runways, as well as the pavement of premises and exterior structures of manufacturing, logistics, and commercial facilities.
As a leading company in the road paving industry in Japan, we are focusing on the development of new technologies. In recent years, we have earned a high reputation in multiple fields, including paving technologies that contribute to a better environment, such as "heat-shielding pavement," and pavement for better traffic safety. We are also actively promoting i-Construction by incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and AR technologies to enhance productivity and work safety.



Reliable pavement technology for developing roads that serve as the foundation of daily life.

The construction of expressways that connect cities requires significnat amounts of time and technology backed by a record of performance. Expressways are required to facilitate travel not just by logistics vehicles, but also by emergency vehicles. NIPPO carries out paving that fulfills the required capability by mobilizing the technologies cultivated to date.

  • 新名神高速道路(兵庫県)
    Shin-Meishin Expressway(Hyogo)
  • 東北中央自動車道(山形県)
    Tohoku Chuo Expressway(Yamagata)
  • 国道57号古城地区(熊本県)
    National Route 57 Kojo District(Kumamoto)
  • 新千歳空港 滑走路(北海道)
    New Chitose Airport Runway(Hokkaido)

Test Courses / Circuit Courses

Pavement design and construction work that satisfies the requested capability and guarantees safety.

In the automotive industry, a variety of new technologies are being developed on a daily basis. Test courses serve as demonstration testing grounds for those technologies. NIPPO underpins the improvement in automobile performance by constructing many tracks for testing vibration, noise, anti-slipping measures, climbing capability and other elements under high-speed driving conditions. We have also handled numerous designs and constructions of circuit courses that require supersmoothness in various locations.

  • (一財)日本自動車研究所 高速周回路(茨城県)
    Circuit course, Japan Automobile Research Institute (Ibaraki)
  • 伊勢崎オートレース場(群馬県)
    Isesaki Auto Race Track (Gunma)

Landscapes / Streets

Pavement technology that meshes harmoniously with people's daily lives.

Taking a stroll along shopping streets and restaurant quarters is a pleasant experience. Our pavement technology also underpins people's footing in such locations. We apply a diverse variety of technologies to produce landscape pavement that matches the surrounding street, such as block pavement, patterned pavement that gives off a unique taste with its block-shaped patterns, and gravel polyurethane sealant that exhibits a flat block-like texture.

  • Shigeru Mizuki Road(Tottori)©Mizuki Production
    Shigeru Mizuki Road(Tottori)©Mizuki Production
    Semi-Flexible Pavement “POLYSEAL” for roadway and natural stone pavement for sidewalk
  • Pedestrian deck in front of Izumi-Chuo Station(Miyagi)
    Pedestrian deck in front of Izumi-Chuo Station(Miyagi)
    Molded Asphalt Pavement “Patterned Pave (Japanese Only)


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