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Technical information

Semi Rigid Pavement POLYSEAL

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Excellent load-bearing capacity and abrasion resistance and broadly applicable for everything from heavy traffic roads to park trails


This semi-rigid pavement is made by infusing special cement milk into the voids of open-graded asphalt concrete to combine the flexibility of asphalt pavement with the rigidity of concrete pavement. By shot-blasting or otherwise treating the surface, you can enhance its appearance and impart other characteristics.


  1. Qualities that can be achieved include the following: load-bearing capacity, abrasion resistance, fire resistance, thermal resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, and brightness.
  2. Variations are as follows–
    Gravel Polyseal: A roughened surface produces a small-gravel pavement look.
    Terrazzo Polyseal: A polished surface with decorative joints produces a marble-slab look.
    Color Polyseal: Colorized with bright aggregates or colored cement milk (such as red, yellow, or black).


  • Heavy traffic roads, intersections, toll booths, bus terminals, bus stops, inside tunnels, parking lots
  • Plant premises, material yards, warehouse floors, collection points, chip yards, aprons, lumber yards
  • Hiking trails, squares, parks, shopping streets
National highway R56 (Kouchi city)
Color Polyseal (black)
Construction status
Polyseal Standard
Gravel Polyseal
Terrazzo Polyseal

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