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In 1957, NIPPO CORPORATION had a special appointment contract of the pilot project of pavement for Meishin Expressway in Kyoto, Japan. This was the first stretch of the express highway in Japan and formed the basis of guidlines for highway pavement in Japan. NIPPO, as the pioneer in Japan is leading paving technologies and construction for express highway development.

The history of Japanese highway evolved from a report which was provided by "Watkins Mission" from the World Bank to the Japanese Government and criticized the dismal conditions of existing roads in Japan inspite of its striking industrialization after the war. Thus the construction of the first Japanese highway "Meishin Expressway" was started in 1957 by the credit granted by the World Bank. NIPPO CORPORATION executed the first pavement for this under the special appointment contract with Japanese Government and successfully accomplished in 1961 with the outstanding appraisal from the World Bank.
Since the first accomplishment of this pavement, NIPPO has ever had a lead the highway pavement in Japan participating in maltiplicity of projects. (* see the Featured Projects shown in below)
"Highway Repaired in 6 Days after It was destroyed by the Quake in 2011"
The gaping chasms exposed in the highway was caused by the mega-quake striked Japan on 11 March 2011. Under the order from the government for recovering this highway which is reffered to as "vital artery of traffic" tying Tokyo and North East Japan extensively damaged, NIPPO had completely recovered it in only 6 days from its comencement of works.
This made headlines throughout the world as the astonishing speed of reconstruction highlighted the nation's ability to get back on its feet after the disaster.

Shin-Tomei Expressway
Shizuoka, Japan


Metropolitan Inter-city Expressway
(Ken-O Expressway)
Tokyo, Japan

Tohoku-chuo Expressway, Yamagata, Japan


Chuo Expressway

Yamanashi, Japan


Matsuyama Expressway,

Ehime, Japan

Sanyo Expressway,

Yamaguchi, Japan


Tateyama Expressway,

Chiba, Japan

Douo Expressway,

Hokkaido, Japan

Joban Expressway, Fukushima, Japan