ConstructionGeneral Civil Engineering

We provide full support for civil engineering work using special technologies, ranging from planning to surveying and construction.

NIPPO has carried out construction in various civil engineering projects based on the know-how we have cultivated through working on soils. We have been involved in soft ground treatments, sewerage works, and residential land development for new urban areas through large-scale earthworks that utilize special technologies and ICT technologies. We also provide civil engineering structures that meet our clients’ requests by accurately calculating the stability of ground improvement works, retaining walls, etc.

  • 元町開発有限責任事業組合王寺元町宅地造成工事
    Motomachi Development Limited Liability Partnership Oji Motomachi Housing Land Development Work
  • 小里川ダム本体建設工事
    Origawa Dam main body construction work

Example of General Civil Engineering Work (1): Construction work for disaster prevention ponds.

The development of industrial park sites causes the outflow of rainwater to grow considerably. Disaster prevention ponds are installed ahead of land preparation work for the main area of those sites to prevent the downstream from becoming negatively affected. There are two forms of civil engineering structures for these ponds: the pond area that serves to collect rainwater, and discharge facilities that release safe levels of water downstream. NIPPO works on the construction of these structures along with the land preparation work.

Land Preparation Work for Mitsuya Industrial Park site (Shizuoka)

Example of General Civil Engineering Work (2): Land preparation work for industrial park

In land preparation work that is performed while keeping the natural topography, the first thing that we do at NIPPO is plan elements such as improved soil strength in accordance with the situation onsite and subsidence measures. We then proceed with construction based on that plan while being mindful of safety and the environment. We leverage the knowledge and expertise that we deepened up to this point in order to secure the required level of quality, and provide total support that covers everything from planning to surveying and construction.

Development and Land Preparation Work in Kaiho area of lchihara City (Chiba)


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