International Racing Course, Suzuka Circuit, Mie, Japan
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In 1976, the Japanese first race in the calendar of FIA Fomula One (F1) World Championship was held at the Fuji International Speedway. The same Japanese Grand Prix Race but for the first at Suzuka Circuit was held in 1987. Since then up to the present, Japanese Grand Prix has continued as one of the races in the calendar of F1 World Championship whichever at Fuji or Suzuka which is gained a reputation as one of the most challenging F1 circuits. NIPPO has ever developed as the Circuit Contractor of both circuits, Suzuka Circuit and Fuji International Speedway which are only two FIA Grade 1 Circuits in Japan.
The histry of development of full-fleadged motorsport race tracks has its origin in the establishment of Suzuka Circuit in 1962. And 4 years later, in 1966, Fuji International Speedway was opend. NIPPO had been fully participated in the projects for construction of both circuits from the initial investigations and considerations in planning and designning for those pavements through those paving works. Since then up to the present, NIPPO has worked for these world-class circuits in Japan.
With the precious experiences involved in the develompements of Suzuka Circuit and Fuji International Speedway, NIPPO has also worked for developments of several numbers of representative circuits in Japan.