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We have developed products and methods considering human life and the earth’s environment by utilizing NIPPO’s original technologies.

In order to meet the expectation of society, NIPPO operates by our policy to “strive for continuous improvement of environmental conservation activities, and contribute to realization of the sustainable society where environmental preservation and economic activity are compatible." Taking advantage of our original outstanding technical capabilities, NIPPO proactively promotes development of materials, products, and pavement construction methods which consider human life, cities, and the earth’s environment.
Type II Environmental Labeling (ISO 14021:1999)
Type II labels indicate a self-decrared environmental claim made by the company itself. NIPPO has set up company standards to assess and certify our own technologies and products for environmental measures.
Solar Heat-Blocking Pavement


The rise of the road surface temperature of daytime is controlled by “Special paints with heat reflection nature” with high reflection and "Hollow ceramic particulates" with retroreflection toward the infrared region of the sunlight.

PERFECT COOL is winner of the "Global Road Achievement Awards" of IRF (International Road Federation)

Porous Asphalt Pavement (Drainage Pavement)


PERVIOUS effectively reduces tire noise, as well as engine-generated noise from vehicles. When it rains or in a downpour, hydroplaning is greatly reduced if not eliminated and visibility of pavement markings is dramatically improved compared to normal pavement.
Warm Asphalt Mixture


ECOFINE is a mixture made with the temperature reduced by about 30 ℃ from the asphalt mixture of its usual temperature. By reducing the fuel consumption at the time of mixture manufacturing, it enables the reduction of CO² emission by about 15%.