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Since the first automotive proving ground in Japan was constructed by NIPPO In 1956 we have designed and built the auto proving ground in over 140 locatins world wide including 100 locations in Japan equivalent to 90% of the domestic market share. This achievement is proving our capability possessing the world highest competitiveness on the technology for development of auto proving grounds with the overwhelming reliance from Japanese automotive industory under the history of automotive innovation.

NIPPO takes a unique, customized approach to each project, made possible by a rare combination of expertise in Engineering service and construction service. The comprehensive services include:

・Preliminary conceptual work (Concept Design, Scope Development, Budgeting, Scheduling, etc.)
・Detail designs
・Construction Management
・Prime (General) Contracting
・Field Supervision
・Consultant Service

Each project benefits from the experience of key team members who have proven records in all of the services we offer.