Development (real estate business)

About the Development Business

People coming together to form a community.

We aim to develop new towns and cities by leveraging local attributes.

Under our development business, we at NIPPO conduct a variety of real estate development operations across Japan, such as sales of condominiums in lots, leasing of real estate, and renewal and logistics facility operations. In conducting these operations, while keeping our sight focused on one step ahead of the times, we pursue the creation of "peace of mind," "comfort" and "enrichment" for our end users who will live with and appreciate those values. We will continue to strive towards creating safe and secure residences through our value-bearing product plans.

Based on this policy of ours, we at NIPPO leverage the attributes of localities to engage in user-minded real estate development with a view to the future and close scrutiny of site analyses and building plans, and contribute to the realization of abundant asset value that will be passed on to subsequent generations.

Business Field

Condominium Sales

Prolific residences created through our "Le Cinq" property series.

In developing our "Le Cinq" series of properties, we at NIPPO place emphasis on five types of value: "Access," "Nature," "Space," "Location" and "Security." Our goal through "Le Cinq" is to develop prolific residences by taking advantage of the local culture, environment and other characteristics.

Le Cinq Tokyo Morishita
Le Cinq Tokyo Morishita (Sumida Ward, Tokyo)

Real Estate Leasing

Comfortable space created through our "ABAS" property series.

In tackling a variety of lease operations, including those for commercial facilities, office buildings and condominiums for rent, we develop those properties in the form of our "ABAS" series. Through this property series, we will continue to create space for "working, residing and living" structured around the basic concept of comfort.

ABAS Tachikawa-Takamatsu station
ABAS Tachikawa Takamatsu Ekimae (Tachikawa City, Tokyo)

Renewal Operations

Developing towns and cities in unity with the local community.

In addition to participating in urban renewal projects as a partner, we engage in other renewal projects that involve the utilization of various business methods. We will continue to work in unity with the local community as we push forward with efforts to develop prosperous towns and cities full of vitality that the community seeks to realize.

Osaki station west gate south area
Osaki Station West Exit South Area

Logistics Facilities

Developing facilities that realize higher-efficiency logistics.

As one of its new real estate development operations, NIPPO engages in joint endeavors with other companies to develop multi-tenant logistics facilities that accommodate locational and functional needs. We are currently promoting the development of facilities that realize environmental friendliness as well as business continuity and efficiency.



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