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Technical information

Acrylic All-weather Semi-hardcourt PERFECT K COURT

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A semi-hardcourt with the elasticity of cork to lessen stress on the legs and feet


With a focus on the cushioning and shock-absorbing properties of cork, this semi-hard court uses a special paving material containing cork (Cork Mix) for the base asphalt concrete, and the acrylic paint for surface finish. This all-weather semi-hard court incorporates the pliability of natural materials and is cheap to maintain.


  1. The elasticity of cork gives rise to softness and mitigates the impact absorbed by the lower limbs during play.
  2. This is used for the main courts of international tournaments since it allows for fast-paced play while retaining a moderate degree of elasticity.


  • Tennis courts


Aoyama Gakuin University Tennis Court (Atsugi, Kanagawa)
Tennis courts, Hiroshima Regional Park (hosted the 12th Asian Games)
Shock-absorption testing
Cork grains are incorporated to absorb shock

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