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Technical information

Acrylic All-weather Hardcourt PERFECT C COURT

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A standard hardcourt that is exceptionally durable and economical


This is a hardcourt achieved by finishing a special asphalt concrete (Cal-Mix) pavement surface for tennis courts with an acrylic coating (Perfect Top Pave). It is currently the most popular and economical tennis court on the market.


  1. Exceptionally durable against abrasion to allow quick matches to be played with sharply cut shots.
  2. Affordable to build for an all-weather court, highly durable, easy to maintain, and economical.


  • Tennis courts


Tennis court, Hotel Japan Nikko (Nikko, Tochigi)
La Paume Kirifuri, Tochigi Prefecture
Chichibu Muse Park, Saitama Prefecture

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