Technical Information

Technical information

Acrylic Emulsion Natural Stone-like Colored Pavement PERFECT COLOR AS

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Beautifully adorn asphalt pavement with a variety of patterns and color tones


This is an application-type colored pavement that is made using a special acrylic emulsion (water-based paint) and ceramic aggregates. A wide range of patterns and color tones impart a stately natural stone-like appearance to the paved surface.


  1. The cost is lower, and the construction period can be shortened in comparison to tile and natural stone options.
  2. Various patterns can be accommodated according to usage.
  3. This pavement resists discoloration and fading and provides superior durability and abrasion resistance.
  4. Excellent at adhering to and tracking the underlying pavement surface.


  • Hiking trails
  • Park trails and squares
  • Theme parks


Example at the bridge walkway (Shioya, Tochigi)
Tokyo Dome

Typical Cross Section