Technical Information

Technical information

Acrylic Emulsion Colored Pavement PERFECT COLOR A

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Abundant color variations for achieving harmony with the landscape


This is an application-type colored pavement that is achieved by coating the surface of asphalt pavement with an acrylic resin-based paint to finish. For water-permeable asphalt concrete, PERFECT COLOR AP is applied to achieve a sprayed finish.


  1. An extensive range of color types makes effective coloring in accordance with the surrounding environment and usage possible.
  2. The pavement can also be painted in different colors to form a non-slip pavement surface.
  3. This application-type colored pavement is flexible and is resistant to cracking even if the substrate undergoes deformation.


  • Hiking trails
  • Park trails and squares
  • Theme parks


Aomori City Sports Park (Aomori)
Example of application to a schoolyard

Typical Cross Section