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Technical information

Cold in-place recycling of Consolidated Road Base SUPER FRB

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Reclaiming damaged reclaimed base with "Road Recycler"


This is a cold in-place recycling method that reclaims the damaged old base courase which was firmly consolidated due to previous stabilization. The high-performance stabilizer “Road Recycler” can efficiently crush and mix such consolidated existing base courase, which is difficult to do with conventional road stabilizers.


  1. Environmental conservation/recycling: The existing asphalt and base are recycled as base courase material for the new pavement. The generation of waste material can be inhibited and new base course aggregate is, for the most part, not needed.
  2. Shortened construction period: There is no need to excavate the existing pavement or replace materials, and the damaged existing consolidated base course can be crushed and mixed smoothly, making it possible to shorten the construction period.
  3. Cost reduction: Since existing pavement is reused, new aggregate is not required, and milling machines for crushing the existing consolidated base are not required, resulting in cost reduction.


  • Reclamation of reclaimed base course
  • Reclamation of hydraulic steel slag base course
  • Reclamation of cement-stabilized base course


In-place recycling with Road Recycler
Crushing of the cement stabilized base by Road Recycler
In-place recycling with Road Recycler
In-place recycling with Road Recycler