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Technical information

Cold in-place Recycling with Foamed Bitumen FOAMED FRB

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Recycling method for promoting environmental conservation and reducing costs


This is a cold in-place recycling method that reclaims old existing asphalt and base course by mixing foamed asphalt and a small amount of cement, and reuses it as a base course for new pavement. This is a more economical pavement repair method than the in-place base recycling using asphalt emulsion or the pavement replacing.


  1. Environmental conservation: A recycling method that makes effective use of existing pavement material.
  2. Highly durable: Flexible and capable of inhibiting the generation of cracks.
  3. Low cost: More economical than the method using asphat emulsion.
  4. Excellent mixability: Mixes well even with materials that have a high fine-particle content or with wet materials.
  5. Immediately open to traffic: Can be opened up to traffic immediately after the work.


  • In-place base recycling
  • Bituminous stabilization


Foamed FRB
Conceptual diagram of Foamed FRB
Conceptual diagram of Foamed Asphalt