Technical Information

Technical information

Stabilized Clay Pavement PERFECT CLAY L

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At a glance, this pavement looks no different from the soil. Brings stable ground to life.


This clay pavement is made by adding a special soil conditioner to soil (cohesive soil, sandy soil, or mixed soil) and stabilizing the result.


  1. This pavement is moderately firm and retains water.
  2. Its surface is dust-resistant and mud-resistant.
  3. It blends well with its surroundings without compromising its natural look and feel.


  • Schoolyards
  • Multipurpose grounds
  • Jogging courses
  • Hiking trails *Not suitable fora athletic grounds on which shoes with spikes are used.
Tama River Marathon Course (Kawasaki , Kanagawa)
Cedar Avenue of Nikkō
Kasai Rinkai Park
Central-mixing method (mixing at soil stabilizing plants)
In-place mixing method (mixing with pulverizer or stabilizer)

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