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Technical information

Inorganic Coating for Concrete (Asphalt) Floor PERFECT COLOR L

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Ideal for colorizing and multifunctionalizing concrete pavement


This is an application-type colored pavement that is achieved by coating the surface of concrete pavement with a water-based inorganic paint that combines a silica binder with special inorganic raw materials to finish.


  1. An extensive range of color types are available, which means that the pavement can also be painted in different colors.
  2. Provides excellent weather resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, and slip resistance.
  3. Three types are available depending on the composition of the coating; these options are also excellent in terms of abrasion resistance.
  4. The coating is also permeable to air and will not peel or flake.


  • Poolside
  • Schoolyards
  • Sidewalks
  • Squares
  • Basketball courts
  • Theme parks
  • Exhibition space
  • Bicycle paths
  • Parking lots, Roller-skating rinks, Warehouse floor, Plant premises


Application to walkways
Jogging Road (Tamano City)

Typical Cross Section