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Technical information

Exposed Aggregate Asphalt Pavement PERFECT COLOR NP

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Expressing the form and color of natural pea gravel in the pavement


Natural pea gravel is used as the main aggregate, and the natural color and shape of the material are expressed on the surface of the pavement without coloring. In addition to using a decolorizing binder, there is also a method of using a mixture of ordinary asphalt and removing the asphalt mortar on the surface to create the texture of natural gravel. Permeable and non-permeable types are available.


  1. This pavement is imbued with a calmness that would be suitable for, among other places, nature parks, hiking trails, and the approaches to and precincts of shrines and temples.
  2. Selectable from various color tones depending on the type of gravel used.


  • Light traffic roads
  • Sidewalks
  • Park trails
  • Squares
  • Bicycle paths


Yabakei (Nakatsu, Oita)
Shinshu Inadani-Dochu, Iida City
Shinodabori Green Road in Edogawa City
Niigata City

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