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Technical information

Colored Ceramic Aggregate COLOR AGGREGATE PAVEMENT

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Colorfast color pavement using colored aggregate


This paving method uses colored aggregates in the asphalt mixture. By using petroleum resin-based decolorizing binder in the mixture or adding pigments to colorize the mixture, the effect of colorization can be enhanced. The applicable construction methods can be divided into two major types: (1) one involving the use of colored aggregates for aggregates in the mixture and (2) one for which colored aggregates are press-fitted into or affixed to the surface of the surface layer.


  1. As colored aggregates are used, color fading from passing vehicles does not occur.


  • Bus lanes
  • Intersections
  • Sidewalks
  • Park trails
  • Hiking trails
Application to walkways
Rolled asphalt

Example of application to a shopping street

Example of application to a roadway

Typical Cross Section