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Technical information

Soil Stabilization BASE-STABI

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For strengthening the road base, improving the subgrade, and taking soft-ground measures with a treatment thickness of 30 cm or less


This is a construction method that stabilizes the existing road base by adding and mixing cement and lime in situ. The finished thickness of one layer is 10 to 30 cm.


  1. Effectively utilize existing gravel layers to lessen the need to bring in materials from outside, thereby shortening the process and making it economical.
  2. Effectively utilize off-specification materials.
  3. When making repairs, the quality of the existing road base (equivalent conversion factor) can be upgraded.
  4. Reinforce the road base to reduce the thickness of the pavement.


  • Effective use of existing gravel beds and off-specification materials
  • Quality upgrading of existing road base
  • The economical construction of roadbeds with a high bearing capacity


Base stabilizing by BASE STABI
Base stabilizing by BASE STABI