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Technical information

Hot In-place (In situ) Recycling SURFACE RECYCLING

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Reclaiming various damaged road surfaces in situ


This paving method involves the in situ heating and reclamation of the surface layer of asphalt pavement that has undergone wear, flow movements, or cracking. There are three methods – re-mixing, re-paving, and re-gripping – depending on the process as it extends from the heating and raking of the road surface to compaction. These methods are applied in accordance with the purpose at hand.


  1. Resource saving: Reuse existing asphalt pavement.
  2. Energy saving: The energy required to produce and transport new materials is reduced.
  3. Environmental conservation: No construction waste is generated.
  4. Economical method: Material and material transportation costs can be significantly reduced.


  • Repairing of worn, flowing, aged, and cracked road surfaces
Chuo Expressway (Showa Town, Yamanashi)
Construction status
Overview of re-mixing, re-paving, and re-gripping