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Technical information

Dual Layer Asphalt Pavement DL PAVE

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Realizes structural reinforcement, shortened construction period, and cost reduction


DL Pave is the pavement to be laid two different asphalt mixtures across separate upper and lower layers at the same time and compacted by rollers. For laying the asphalt mixture, it is done by using a two-layer simultaneous paving asphalt paver “DL Paver” and a material feeder “Asphalt Loader.”


  1. In the case of drainage asphalt pavement, the drainage function is further improved by paving with dual-layers of drainage pavement asphalt mixture.
  2. When using a high-cost special asphalt mixture for the surface layer of pavement, the cost can be reduced by making the surface layer thinner.
  3. Due to the integrated structure of the surface and binder layers, the durability of the pavement is improved compared to when paving them separately.
  4. The construction time is shortened thanks to the implementation of simultaneous dual-layer paving.


  • Dual-layer drainage pavement: Low-noise pavement with specified performance requirements, thick-layer drainage pavement
  • Functional pavement: Bright-color
  • Colored pavement, chloride-based ice-inhibiting pavement
  • Surface and binder layers simultaneously laid pavement: Long-life pavement and general pavement
Paving method (schematic diagram)
Pavement cross section (upper layer: color drainage asphalt (13mm), lower layer: Coarse graded asphalt (20mm))