Technical Information

Technical information

Eco-friendly Semi Rigid Pavement POLYSEAL LC

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Semi-rigid pavement for which CO2 emissions are reduced


This environmentally friendly pavement is designed to reduce CO2 emissions during the pavement-laying stage thanks to the use of low-carbon materials in Polyseal, a highly durable semiflexible pavement product.


  1. CO2 emissions are reduced by about 15% by using the premix injection material Polypac LC – which replaces some of the cement that is tied to high CO2 emissions with low-carbon cement accounting for around 1/8 the amount of CO2 that is emitted – for the cement milk that is used for infiltration.
  2. By also using Ecofine, a warm mix asphalt, for open-graded asphalt concrete, CO2 emissions are reduced by a total of approximately 16%.


  • Floor surfaces in plants and warehouses, plant premises, material yards, parking lots
  • Heavy traffic roads, bus stops and bus terminals, inside tunnels


Application example to factory floor
Comparing CO2 emissions between POLYSEAL LC and our conventional method