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Technical information

Polymer Concrete Patch (for bridge deck rehabilitation) SUPERSET REPAIR P

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Repair material that is optimally suited for sectional repairs and deck-overlaying of viaduct deck slab


Super Set Repair P is a low-elasticity, ultra-quick-curing polymer cement concrete capable of achieving a coefficient of elasticity equivalent to that of the existing deck slabs. It hardens quickly and traces deformations in the deck slabs, making it an excellent choice for carrying out sectional repairs and deck overlaying of viaduct deck slabs. The product complies with the performance verification items for carrying out sectional repairs on the tops of deck slabs (Guidelines for the Construction and Management of Structures – East/Central/West Nippon Expressway Company Limited, July 2017).


  1. Deformations in the slab in use are traced, and the material has the same static coefficient of elasticity.
  2. As the material is quick to cure, it is possible to open up a road to traffic quickly.
  3. Can accommodate a wide range of applications from sectional repairs to deck slab overlaying.
  4. Available in the Mini-Pack size for small-scale uses and the Pack 150 size for large-scale uses.
  5. Coarse aggregates come in 13 mm and 20 mm options.


  • Cross-section of slabs
  • Deck overlaying of the tops of repaired slabs
  • Bridge surface concrete pavements
Repairing using SUPERSET REPAIR P
Can also be used for smaller repair jobs
Mini-Pack size (approx. 21 liters) for small-scale uses
Pack 150 size (approx. 150 liters) for large-scale uses