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Technical information

Epoxy Resin Concrete Repair Mortar SMARTMORTAR

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Quickly repair edge-chipped and dented structures and pavements


Smart Mortar, a quick-curing resin-based material for repairing chipped edges and bumps, is a resin-based mortar-type repair material that can be used to repair edge-chipped, dented, and uneven structures and pavements in a short period of time. It will not peel or crack because it superbly adheres to the substrate and is flexible. It is easy to handle since no special tools are required.


  1. Super easy to handle as all you need to do is knead the material before opening the packaging.
  2. Quick curing enables the normal use of the structure or pavement in question to be quickly resumed.
  3. Excellent adhesion even when used on wet surfaces.
  4. Excellent flexibility renders this material fairly resistant to cracking and chipping.
  5. The coloration of this material is consistent with concrete and asphalt concrete.


  • For repairing bumps, gaps, dents, and chipped edges in asphalt pavements
  • For repairing bumps, gaps, dents, chipped edges, and chipped joints in concrete pavements


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Repairing chipped edges: After repair
Repairing chipped edges: Before repair
Kit contents (with anti-slip aggregates)
Repairing bumps: Before repair
Repairing bumps: After repair