ConstructionThe Construction of Sports Facilities

The construction of sports facilities, where excitement is born

Construction of sports facilities is another form of developing "roads." NIPPO technology is used in considerable amounts in locations where people walk and run. An example of those locations is tennis courts. We at NIPPO do our utmost to construct user-friendly courts that are easy on the feet and even easier to play on. For athletic and soccer fields, baseball stadiums and various other grounds as well, we are mindful to develop ground that has regularity, and build grounds so that people can demonstrate the fruits of their regular practice to the fullest extent.
At the same time, in proposing and constructing these sports facilities, in addition to their ease of use, we also factor in the ease of preserving and managing them based on the experience we have in constructing numerous facilities up to this point and our accompanying expertise.

Tennis Courts

Constructing tennis courts that are kind on the feet and conducive to demonstrating the very best play.

Tennis courts are "the ultimate roads" in that they represent a concentration of the expertise that goes into road development. We at NIPPO have worked on the construction of numerous tennis courts that have called for a meticulous finish, constructing them with elements that include flat court areas with no irregularity, gradients that satisfy established standards, cushioning that provides the right level of bounce, easy-to-see colors, and surfaces that are resistant to breaking.

  • Center Court, Ariake Tennis Park (Tokyo)
    Center Court, Ariake Tennis Park (Tokyo)
  • Hiroshima Regional Park(Hiroshima)
    Hiroshima Regional Park(Hiroshima)

Athletic Fields

Tracks that make it possible for athletes to gain that extra second or inch.

Athletic fields are a place where large numbers of athletes come together to set records that go beyond their regular accomplishments. One of our roles at NIPPO is to develop track and field facilities that are capable of meeting those expectations. By fashioning surface layers that are capable of withstanding formidable kicks, landings, foot plants and so forth, we provide reliable footing for athletes that enables them to establish new record bests for themselves.

  • Miki Disaster Prevention Park(Hyogo)
    Miki Disaster Prevention Park(Hyogo)
  • Saku City General Sports Park, Auxiliary Athletic Field (Nagano)
    Saku City General Sports Park, Auxiliary Athletic Field (Nagano)


Grounds with a pitch that makes it possible to fully demonstrate the results of daily practice.

The outcome of soccer matches is swayed by the fruits of regular practice. In constructing facilities for baseball and other field sports, NIPPO constructs and provides a level of pitch that satisfies established sports standards. In base paving for handling a variety of surface layers, such as natural or artificial grass, we also utilize the pavement technologies that we have cultivated up to this point while also using ICT pavement technology as the base.

  • Seijo Gakuen (Tokyo)
    Seijo Gakuen (Tokyo)
  • Yokohama National University(Kanagawa)
    Yokohama National University(Kanagawa)

Cycling Tracks and Velodromes

Comprehensive strength of advanced design, material, and construction technologies

We hold the top share of the Japanese market for racetrack pavement, including steep banks with special curved surfaces in cycling tracks and velodromes that allow competition bicycles to maintain high speeds while making laps. It is the fruit of our special pavement technology born from many years of comprehensive expertise in advanced design, material, and construction technologies. We have developed and currently own specialized construction machinery that can adapt to all conditions, including road surface repair.

  • Kitakyushu Media Dome(Fukuoka)
    Kitakyushu Media Dome(Fukuoka)
  • Nejime Velodrome(Kagoshima)
    Nejime Velodrome(Kagoshima)

Racecourses for Horses

Riding grounds that set the stage for horse races that are fair and square.

The maintenance of racecourses for horses requires careful work that includes the building of roadbeds that takes drainage into consideration and the efficient re-covering of grass. To ensure that exciting horse races can be held at well-maintained racecourses that reduce the strain on the legs of thoroughbreds, we provide secure riding grounds with the right amount of cushioning.

  • Nakayama Racecourse(Chiba)
    Nakayama Racecourse (Chiba)
  • Aoyama Gakuin University Equestrian Stadium(Tokyo)
    Aoyama Gakuin University Equestrian Stadium(Tokyo)


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